Product List
Inline Homogenizer


The Ravi Kiran inline works on the rotor/stator principle. The chamber houses a specially designed toothed rotor/stator homogenizing system. This model is suitable for producing emulsions and suspensions within a wide viscosity range. Excellent product quality is assured thanks to the high shear forces exerted on the product in the shearing gap and maximum product movement at the outfeed. When processing emulsions, the machine achieves droplet sizes down to 1 micron, with fine distribution. In the case of suspensions, powders and solids are wetted thoroughly and agglomerations dispersed prior to homogenization. The principal application for this model is as an inline system but it can also be installed beneath vacuum processing units in either horizontal or vertical configuration.

Design Criteria

All product contact parts are easy to access and change over. Design and construction in accordance with current GMP and hygiene standards. Inline cleaning (CIP) possible in most applications.

Specification of Standard Components


  • Single-acting mechanical seal (Cartridge), elastomers Silicon
      Additional Options
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Explosion proof motors
  • Discharge and/or supply pump
  • Hopper